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Underground Passage in Prishtina

Underground Passage in Prishtina

Pridané 05/12/2016

Problem description:

The reason I selected this urban space is that personally I felt very scared and unsecured to pass, especially during the night time.  I believe that this area needs an urgent solution.  Based on the neighbor who lives here, they say that we always have to companion our kids to school. The reason is that they are afraid to go on their own. You may even see people in groups smoking, and this makes this place even more dangerous to cross by. The passage I chose is quite long and there is no activity being held while you are passing inside of it.           

Proposed Intervention:

My solution for this Underground Passage would be to make this place lively to pass by people. I am planning to create activities that would make people actively stay and be there. In order to make this place energetic I planning to add some art works on the walls of the passage, using different colors of lights and create small cafe bar for the passengers.

Proposed Intervention Budget:

The estimation of cost for this small intervention would 2000 euro.

Edona Zymberi


Underground Passage in Prishtina
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