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Boulevard Mother Theresa

Boulevard Mother Theresa

Pridané 04/12/2016

Problem description:
Prishtina is known as a city of students and in this zone are lots of cafe bars, so they is not a good example for young people to take an example of this.
2nd Problem is that there are lots of garbage so there is a need for a smart and creative solution to increase the conscience.

Proposed Intervention:
SOLUTION 1: Wanted to create a social awareness for young people to read more because this is very frequented zone  and make a balance between cafe bars and reading by placing public bookshelf and places to read.
SOLUTION 2: Making a creative solution for people how they may throw garbage in the basket by drawing number squares of a famous play from our childhood.
Proposed Intervention Budget:
COST(Estimation): Sometimes you may spend lots of money and you still don't solve the problem, but in this case with less money ,a clever and  creative idea can make an awareness , so the people will easily understand and increase the conscience for those daily problems.

Labinot Mehmeti


Boulevard Mother Theresa
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